Minimally invasive Appendix Surgery in Mumbai

Best Appendix Surgery in Mumbai

Minimally invasive Appendix Surgery in Mumbai

Dr. Hemant Jain is a Senior Consultant Laparoscopic surgeon (Gastro surgeon) practicing in Mumbai with a special focus on Single-Incision Laparoscopic Surgeries (SILS), Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries, and GI Cancer Surgeries.

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What is appendix and what are the common diseases affecting it?

Appendix is a vestigial organ located in right lower part of abdomen. It is like a thin long tube. Occasionally it can get severely inflamed and this condition is called appendicitis. Appendicitis is a serious surgical emergency. If not adequately treated in a time bound manner, the appendix can perforate (burst) inside abdomen and lead to severe infection (sepsis) which can be life threatening.
Appendicitis typically causes the following symptoms:

  • Right lower abdominal pain that can get worse when moving or coughing.
  • A fever that typically appears within a few hours.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Constipation.
  • Chills or trembling.
How is an Appendicitis diagnosis made?

A clinical scenario of right lower abdomen pain which gets worse with coughing or movement is typical. It is aided with appropriate blood tests and ultrasound examination of abdomen and pelvis. Often a CT scan is also required as part of diagnostic workup.

What treatment is recommended in appendicitis?

The treatment of choice is surgery. The appendix organ is removed (appendicectomy). This surgery can be done by open surgery or by laparoscopy. If the inflammation is very severe and technically surgery can be difficult. Occasionally in these patients, initial treatment is with medicines (antibiotics) and pain medicines followed by appendix removal surgery on an elective base at a later date.

What is Laparoscopic appendicectomy and how is it performed?

Minimally invasive surgery approach to appendix removal surgery is called laparoscopic appendicectomy. It can be done via the Single incision surgery approach (SILS) or via the traditional multiple small incision approach.

Alternatives to Surgery for Appendicitis

Surgical removal is the best course of action. Mild appendicitis may occasionally be treated with medication (antibiotics), although interval appendectomy, which involves removing the appendix at a later period to prevent recurrence, is advocated may also be performed. Emergency appendectomy surgery is used to treat more severe instances. To remove the appendix, surgeons can perform an open or laparoscopic appendectomy.