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Dr. Hemant Jain is a one of the best Surgical Gastroenterologist in Dadar with special focus on Single Incision Laparoscopic surgeries, Gastrointestinal cancer surgeries & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries.

Dr Hemant Jain has rich surgical experience in Complicated and redo GI surgeries, Laparoscopic surgeries, and GI Cancer surgeries.

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Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery

Single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) is an area of laparoscopic surgery that is now undergoing rapid development. The biggest cosmetic benefit of SILS over traditional laparoscopic surgery is that the incision is concealed within the umbilicus making the surgery nearly scar-less. The risk of possible problems such as port site hernias, haematomas, and wound infection are decreased because only one skin incision is made.

Key Benefits of Single Incision Surgery

The most notable benefit of SILS over regular laparoscopy is the single incision/cut, which considerably lessens pain and speeds up their recovery. Due to its almost scar-free nature, SILS is also more effective than traditional laparoscopic surgery in terms of appearance.

The scar left by the procedure is normally hidden by the navel because the instruments are typically placed through the belly button. Individuals with SILS are also satisfied with their cosmetic outcomes, have shorter hospital stays, and perceive pain as less severe.

How safe is it to undergo laparoscopic surgery?

Serious problems from laparoscopy are uncommon. With advances in technology and accumulating experience over years, laparoscopy today is very safe.
There may be problems like infection, bleeding, etc in 1-2% patients. Even if these occur, usually with prompt remedial actions taken by surgeon, the problem at hand is tackled.

What are the risk of serious complications in laparoscopic surgery?

In very rare instances, the involved medical team is faced with serious complications. Inadvertent harm to organs inside tummy, injury to bowel, leakage of insufflated carbon dioxide into blood vessels (Embolism), clotting of blood in deep veins of legs (DVT), etc can occur. Prophylactic measures to prevent these from occurring are taken, but still their occurrence is not unknown.

What are the uses of Laparoscopy in the current era?

Though the main utility of laparoscopic surgery is in treating diseases necessitating surgery, Laparoscopy can also be used to establish the primary diagnosis in some scenarios.
Laparoscopy can be used to stage abdominal malignancies and rule out intra-abdominal dissemination of disease.